Bolivia – Year 6

Mr J Russell
Mrs J Smith
Miss K Coveley

Dear Year 6,


Welcome back to school and to the next step of your learning journey. Here, in year 6, we want you to have a productive year which is why we have created a sequence of lessons to support your learning of topics over the year. We are sure you will love what we have planned and feel challenged throughout the year.

Have a look below to find out some of the things you will be learning in the Autumn term.

Here’s to a great final year at Ardley Hill Academy.

Mrs Khan, Mr Russell, Mrs Smith, Miss Maynard and Mrs Coveley.



In Maths this half term, we are looking at our place value of numbers up to and including ten million. We will look at how to write numbers to ten million as well as how to round them quickly and accurately. There will also be a recap and extension of different addition, subtraction, multiplication and division methods. We are very excited to also try out our new weekly Arithmagicians scheme which will see the children’s mental maths skills put to the test each week.



For the first term, we will be reading a book called, ‘The Girl Who Stole an Elephant’ by Nizrana Farook. We will be writing diary entries, letters, rewriting part of the narrative from a different perspective, and persuasive writing. There will also be an opportunity for drama. It’s a fantastic story and we are certain you will love it!



Our first science topic is evolution and inheritance. We will talk about the theories of Charles Darwin, discuss variation and adaptation across specific animals and look at the work of Mary Anning and Alfred Wallace. We will also be understanding the process of fossilisation and look at how animals have evolved.


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In our history topic this half term, the children will be studying the history of the local area of Dunstable. They will look at its famous landmarks from today before transforming themselves back to see what Dunstable was like in Roman times, the Middle Ages, during the reign of Henry VIII and in the 20th century. They will also get to know the origin story of how Dunstable got its name through the myth of “Dunne the Robber”.



During the autumn term, children will be learning about South America. They will be locating countries that are in South America, looking at the climate, finding out about the major mountain ranges, finding out about the human geography and researching the trade industry. To end the topic, children will carry out an in-depth study of one of the countries in South America.


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For DT this term, we will be looking at food in South America. Children will understand the meaning of nutrients and their basic functions, know how to prepare a range of fruits from South America, create a menu based on ingredients found in South America and will then get a chance to prepare a South America dish where the main ingredient is cassava.

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Our French unit this term will be called, ‘That’s Tasty’. Children will ask and answer questions about drink choices, interpret ac hart written in French, write sentences to express choices and preferences, use adjectives to describe nouns and use the correct French form for ‘some’.

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For PE this term, our units will be both fitness and Dodgeball. Children will revisit the different components of fitness, which are speed, stamina, balance, coordination and agility, and look to develop each one. In Dodgeball children will be using the throwing and catching skills they have acquired and applying them tactically during game situations. They will have a full understanding of the rules and will be able to independently organise and run Dodgeball competitions.



The first Art topic we will cover will be the study of famous artist Hans Holbein. Children will look at his life as well as some of his most famous pieces during the Renaissance period. Using his work as inspiration, children will then learn to delicately and accurately mix colours to create the perfect Holbein inspired portraits of themselves.



This term, year 6 will be focusing on the question: Creation and science: conflicting or complementary? Children will be finding out about what The Bible says about how the world was created. They will take into account what Genesis 1:1 might mean. They will then explore the account of cosmology and evolution. Children will then have the opportunity to come up with as many questions as they can about the Genesis text and the universe and life.




Our first unit this term is Coding. Children will learn how to plan a program using a timer and a score option. They will also be able to debug programs if something isn’t working. They will have the opportunity to code programs that create text input and create flowcharts and procedures.

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