Formation of Governing Board


Name Date Appointed Governor Sub-Committee Membership Meeting Attendance September 2019-Present
Mr Neil Williams (Chair) October 2019 Community 15/16
Mrs Elaine Clinton (Vice-Chair)  October 2019 Community


Pupil Premium

Looked after Children

Darryl Tunstall October 2020 Community 5/7
Stephen Fox 2020 Headteacher 10/10
Mrs Natalie Read  October 2019 Staff 8/10
Ms Vicki Cinato October 2020 Co-opted 6/7
Mr Jeff Abraham  October 2019 Parent Health and Safety 7/14
Mr Ian Sawyer  October 2019 Co-opted 13/14
Mr Ryan O’Connell March 2021 Parent 3/4
Mr Liam Hall May 2021 Co-opted 3/3
Mrs Sue Green Clerk


The structure and responsibilities of the Governing Board and Committees are included within the latest Financial Statement which can be seen via the link on the Policies and Reports page.

Governor Register of Business and Financial Interest and Governance roles in other schools

Following the Ofsted inspection in April 2016, The Governing Board have worked hard to review processes, procedures and how best to fulfil our roles and responsibilities. In particular we restructured committees and directed Governor recruitment to ensure a full range of skills exist on the Board. In response to our efforts, the following comments were made in an interim monitoring visit issued by HMI:
“The leadership team, staff and governors are addressing areas for
improvement raised at the last inspection resolutely and with a shared sense of urgency”.
“Governors are resilient”.
“Governors are placing themselves in a stronger position to challenge school leaders”.
“Importantly, they respond to advice and guidance from external sources positively and quickly”.
We are pleased that our efforts have been acknowledged and continue to work hard to help the school improve.