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Progression of Skills

Computing Procedure



Computing At Ardley Hill Academy

At Ardley Hill Academy, computing is taught weekly in each class. It is a popular subject as lessons are fun and engaging. Computing is taught using either ipads or laptops and during lessons children are encouraged to use their imagination to create games, blogs, videos and presentations. The computing curriculum is divided into three areas; Computer Science, Digital Literacy and information technology. Online safety is a strand of Computing which is embedded into all units that are taught as well as teaching it as a standalone area.


Our Computing Scheme

This year we have invested in a learning platform called Purple Mash. This is a web-based platform where the children can log on and access a range of games and activities linked to the national curriculum.

This year, all of our Computing will be taught using these programs as well as using some of the apps we have used previously. Class homework may also be set on this website.

Children have received their usernames and passwords and are being introduced and taught how to use Purple Mash within their computing sessions.

Click the link below to access the log on page and feel free to familiarise yourself with it. Keep a look out on each year group’s Facebook page to see the fantastic skills they have been learning and applying to their own project!

Our Computing Intent

At Ardley Hill, we believe that all pupils have the right to a rich, deep learning experience that balance all the aspects of Computing. Technology plays such a significant part in society so it is fundamental that children leave Ardley equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to participate safely and effectively in this digital world.

Our computing curriculum focusses on the progression of skills in: Digital Literacy, Computer Science, Information Technology and Online Safety which is taught regularly throughout the year. We want our students to be confident and autonomous learners not just in computing sessions, but using computing across the curriculum.

Computing Intent KS1 and KS2



Our Computing Implementation  

At Ardley Hill, computing is taught weekly in specific learning blocks which is closely referenced to the National Curriculum skills in order to show progression and coverage. Skills and knowledge are built on year by year to ensure maximum learning for all children. We have also built in Microsoft Office skills as this is a programme used in the wider employment society. Teachers use the Purple Mash scheme of work and adapt it best suited to their class’ needs. Online Safety is taught twice a year which the whole school does at the same time to make it a whole school focus. Online Safety is a vital area in the wider community, therefore it is essential that it is referred back to.


The Impact

The implementation of this curriculum ensures that when children leave Ardley Hill Academy, they are competent and safe users of ICT with an understanding of how technology works. They will have developed skills to express themselves and be creative in using digital media and be equipped to apply their skills in Computing to different challenges going forward.


E-Safety (Electronic Safety)

All children are taught E-Safety during our Computing lessons. It teaches all children how to stay safe online.  When accessing new technology children need to feel safe and know what to do if they are uncomfortable.

A website that can help children recognise how to be safe is –  https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk