Recent Events


KS1 adopted an orangutan from Borneo. Her name is TimTom. We watched as she was trained to eat, walk and swing on her own without her mother. We explored deforestation and learned about the different plants and animals that live there.

KS1 discovered a very important area of English history- The Great Fire of London. We learned why the fire spread so quickly and recreated the scene in our playground!


Pre School

In Pre School we were helping the children prepare for transition to big school. Pre School played with 4+ children in the playground and in the classroom. They went to assembly and had school dinner in the hall. The children also joined 4+ for PE lessons.

Children in Caterpillars had lots of visits to Butterflies to help prepare them for the move to Butterflies room in September.

The whole Pre School took part in the Banardos Big Toddle, we had a lovely morning walking round the school fields with mums, dads, grandparents and other family members. All the children received a Big Toddle medal!

The children who were leaving us for big school had a fantastic time at their leaver’s party with some cheeky pirates!

The children continued to enjoy music with Gemma every Wednesday afternoon and even tried a yoga class.

We ended the term with ‘Water fun’ in the pirate ship area, despite the rain we all had a great time!

Headteacher for the Day 2019

Sarah won the chance to be Headteacher for the day and did an amazing job of organising the Academy. As part of her duties, Sarah held an assembly and awarded certificates to the children. Sarah also completed a learning walk around the Academy into every class. Sarah sat in Mr Smith’s office at his desk dealing with the everyday tasks that come her way.




Year 6 – Reach

A little gift from the staff here at Ardley Hill to our parents and children…we hope you enjoy it!  Just click the link below.

Reach for the Stars Clip

Year 5 Debating Day

On Tuesday 11th July four Year 5 students attended a Debate Day at Manshead CE Academy. The day started off with workshops on what is a debate and how to be successful during one. This was then followed by us planning for our main debate – ‘for the ban of zoo’s’.

After lunch Ardley Hill’s debate became heated with both sides having strong points as well as counter arguments to the opposition’s opinions. Ardley were successful in winning this debate going through to the final.

They were given 30minutes to plan for the final debate which was ‘under 11’s should be banned from watching TV’ which we had the ‘against’ side. Once again they enthusiastically came up with their points and during the debate passionately and maturely put across their arguments. The teamwork of Ardley was impeccable discussing their ideas throughout the whole day and being unified in their opinions.

Unfortunately we just missed out on winning however were strongly complimented on their ability to rebut (counter argue) and the uniqueness of their points and arguments. Overall it was an extremely enjoyable day where they felt they had developed their knowledge on debating with all of their confidence growing in public speaking and their own ideas throughout each debate.

Debating Day

School Games Bronze Mark Award

bronzeschool games

Ardley Hill has achieved the Bronze Mark for the School Games Award.  Well done.