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Purple Mash

Your child has access to Purple Mash; a whole world of fun and exciting learning opportunities in one safe place.

Purple Mash is a comprehensive suite of online learning tools and content, designed to be used by Primary aged children in the classroom and at home. Children have their log-ins, so please log in with them and familiarise yourself with all the wonderful tools you now have access to. Click the logo to take you to Ardley Hill Academy log in page. Enjoy.

Flurrish app – Times Tables. 

Children have the opportunity to use this app which is a simple low-cost maths app designed for daily use in the classroom, with a proven track record of producing a dramatic improvement in the mental maths abilities of pupils. Number fact knowledge, both times tables and number bonds, is critical for speedy calculation and forms the bedrock of mathematical mental agility and ability.

‘Success in maths drives confidence and allows pupils to access greater parts of the curriculum – it is essential for academic achievement and forms the foundation for key life skills. Numerical ability consequently shapes future life chances.’ https://www.flurrished.co.uk


My Maths

MyMaths is an interactive online teaching and homework resource for all the UK National Curriculum.  It has been written and developed by experienced teachers for teaching, practising and assessing children’s maths fluency across the school. Each interactive lesson is matched with corresponding online homework to easily allocate homework, which helps teachers assess the impact of each lesson.

  • Develops children’s skills, confidence and fluency in maths through lessons, homework tasks, and games
  • Perfect for the whole school, plus Booster Packs provide stretching material for extra revision and consolidation
  • Access for you as parents to review their child’s progress, embedding the link between school and home
  • Automatic self-marking of all activities provides detailed results tracking with the Assessment Manager
  • Easy to use alongside any other maths resource


Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a computer based program that quizzes reading comprehension and supports students to select books based on their personal reading and understanding needs. The vast data that is produced from each reading quiz allows children, teachers and parents to track progress, enjoyment and understanding of what has been read and in turn support future reading choices and habits.

National Literacy Trust “Pupils who use Accelerated Reader enjoy reading, read frequently and think more positively about reading than their peers who do not use AR. This is based on findings using cross-sectional and longitudinal data sets. There is also some indication that pupils who do AR for four years have better outcomes in terms of reading enjoyment, reading frequency and reading attitudes than children who do AR for less than four years.” Accelerated Reader and Young People’s Reading in 2013 states: “The report found that students who use AR are more likely to: enjoy reading, have a favourite book, agree that reading is cool, read regularly at least once a week outside class, agree that they will get a better job when they grow up if they are good at reading


Education City

Children have access to Education City to help support learning for English and Maths. Children may be set homework through Education city. Each child will be given a username and a login to access this website at home. If you are not sure of your details, please speak to your class teacher.


Keeping Safe Online


Online Safety Tips for Children